Monday , August 26 2019

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The Nexen SUR4G – The Grippy Alternative

For the majority of us, you wouldn’t normally associate the words ‘Nexen’ and ‘track performance’ in the same sentence. Furthermore, ‘SUR4G’ sounds like a WiFi router. As many lesser brands have proven over the years though (e.g. Nankang), the game really has changed and there are new viable alternatives to the mainstream out there. It’s been years since Pearl the …

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D2 Big Brake Kit Review – Bigger is better

D2 Big Brake Kit Review

Simple fact – Pearl isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Despite being in hibernation for most of 2018 while I played lightweight high revving Honda games, Nissan is and always has been where my heart lies.After completing Build v3.0 in late 2018, the need for any other substantial purchase seemed very distant. Power and the reliability to support such power had …

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Pearl Build v3.0 Final Part III – Did it make 300kW?

Pearl the S15 Final build Part III

To say this post is a long time coming is a massive understatement, most readers have probably moved on waiting for this and are probably driving Golf Rs, Audi RS3s or Elgrands and hanging up the modification gloves. Not long after Part II of Pearl’s build thread I believed i would have sorted out the bottlenecks which hindered the progress …

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Intima Type-D v2.0 Brake Pad Review

Intima Type-D v2 Review

Here at trak-life, it’s no secret we’re fans and advocates of the Intima brand. Having used their brake pad range for over 5 years predominantly for track purposes, all three compounds offer amazing performance for the price. The Type-D is their track focused compound and are the sole pad used in Pearl (the S15) and more recently in the EP3 …

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DIY – Headlight Lens Replacement for Silvia/200SX S15

s15 headlight 326 power wisesquare behrman

Headlight restoration products from the local auto shop can do a pretty good job, one of my lens’s was clear proof of that. The other lens however, proved to be very stubborn and to be honest I’m not a fan of Forest Whitaker look. So to return Pearl’s front end to her former crystal clear glory, a 326 Power Headlight …

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The Braking Game

Brembo S15 Brake Upgrade

Great stopping power provided by an effective brake setup isn’t exactly going to win you any traffic light drags or get you crowd approval as you scrape upon entry at the stance meet. Neither is it the most aesthetically pleasing mod. It’s no wonder then that upgrading a brake setup usually sits at the bottom of everyone’s performance modification list …

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Passenger in the fast lane

I hate it when things break or don’t work, and I hate it even more when it happens on a regular basis. There hasn’t been much to update on trak180 because for the past few months it has sat dormant after a small fire at the last track day put a halt to its progress. For the past 18 months …

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Five Years Ago I Brought Home a Fridge

Funnily enough when I look back at my yesteryears, so much has changed since the initial purchase of ‘The Fridge’, ‘Le Siet Bok’, ‘The Floating Barge’ or whatever – you name it! I had every intention of it being a budget track car, that really didn’t go to plan did it? In fact it went about three times over budget! …

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DIY: SR20DET Front Main Seal/Drive Belts

SR20DET Drive belts and front main seal

Taking off the drive belts on your S13, S14 or S15 SR20DET can serve many purposes. Replacing worn belts, replacing pulleys, replacing front oil seal, removing timing chain front cover/oil pump, whipping naughty children… Ok maybe not the last one. My aim in removing the drive belts was to actually remove the front cover to inspect my timing chain, that …

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DIY: Honda Civic EP3 Type R Coilover Install

Hardrace H-S Coilover install

The stock suspension in the EP3 Type R is actually already pretty good – firm, responsive and well balanced. Having clocked in a 1:10.6 time at Wakefield with the stock suspension, it was time to step up the game and tweak the suspension with a set of Hardrace H-S Coilovers. The install is actually very straight forward but without the …

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