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Five simple tips for better health

5 Simple Tips For Better Health

No matter what your fitness and health goals may be, you should hopefully be practicing these five simple things in your life. They might seem pretty straightforward but positive reinforcement helps you stay on track.

1. Drink more than 3 litres of cold water a day

Besides obviously staying hydrated, drinking cold water throughout the day has the added benefit of increasing your resting (basal) metabolic rate so it can constantly be working to burn off energy. Also if your diet consists mainly of protein, it will help flush out the toxins left behind in your kidneys, minimising the risk of future health problems. Those frequent trips to the restroom are worth it, trust me.

Drink water
No you don’t have to drink the 3 litres in one go.

2. Eat less but eat more.

Not ambiguous at all right. Eat less at each meal time but increase the frequency of your meals throughout the day. Your body favours smaller meal portions consumed every 3-4 hours to keep your metabolism at it’s optimal state. Nuts and salads are great fillers for those times outside of main meal hours.

Food portions
Portion control. You’re doing it wrong.

3. Get plenty of zzz’s

Not only do you feel more attentive and refreshed the next day after more than 6 hours of sleep, your body will reap the benefits too. Plenty of online research has documented that people who consistently slept more than 6 hours a night lost weight compared to those who had less than 6 hours. Furthermore you need to let your muscles rest and recover so they can go grow!

Beauty Sleep
Do Not Disturb! Beauty Sleep equals more than 6 hours sleep.

4. Take it easy on the grog

Plenty of great memories are often made where excessive amounts of alcohol are involved, it’s fun and a part of life so don’t give it up completely. Just be wary that alcohol is the nemesis to a healthy, fit body. Not only will it break down muscle that was hard earnt toiling away at the gym, it will also make progress towards those washboard abs much more difficult. Because alcohol has to be slowly broken down by the liver before any other food in your body, this slows overall digestion triggering the storage of body fat.

Add on top of that the fact that we don’t make sensible eating decisions on a big night (kebabs or KFC anyone?) and that alcohol is loaded with carbohydrates, that lovely 6 pack may stay buried forever.

Lot's of booze
Sorry Liver. Sorry Biceps. Sorry Abs. Sorry Pecks. Sorry Quads. Sorry Glutes. Sorry…

5. Don’t take everything to heart

Don’t let the small stuff in your everyday life get to you, stress in any form is not good for your overall health. It makes you think negative, feel tired and uninspired to do anything… and in addition increases your level of cortisol (your primary stress hormone). Research has proven that high levels of cortisol have attributed to high blood pressure, mental illness, depression and even obesity.

So just remember to try and take it easy out there and focus on the good things instead.

Stressed out? Just bang your head on the table (No don’t).

Small tips, potentially big results. Give it a go and see if you feel better!

If you have your own simple tips for better health feel free to share below.

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