Monday , August 26 2019
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Feeling right in the wrong wheel drive

Frosty the Intima EK K20 Civic feature

I remember towards the end of high school a friend had the special privilege of buying his first car with quite a substantial budget. While the majority of us had to endure the boring nature of Japanese mainstream econoboxes, a select few were able to scour the limited source of advertisement to find that special “first car”.  At the time …

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trak180 Redemption

trak180 180SX redemption

Hello everyone, after the last few months of what seemed like never ending  building and tuning I am finally able to detail the specifics of the v2.0 build of trak180. There has been plenty of negative outcomes with this  build, which came as a surprise as I thought with the combined knowledge and experience of both Greaser and Trak-Life, we …

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Earn Your Stripes

Hi guys! My name is Minh and I’m the new creative director for trak-life. I come from a design background and specialise in graphic design, photography and illustration. I came onboard late last year during the downtime to revamp the brand’s identity and website. The team realised that moving forward in 2016 would benefit from a restructure of editorial and pictorial …

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