Friday , May 27 2022
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Is “Swiss made” Important? A Look Into German Watches

Ze Germans are famous for their cars, Oktoberfest, music, and all sorts of wursts. However they’re also receiving high praise for their watchmaking abilities. Although most people are looking for “Swiss made” watches, it would be foolish not to explore their European counterparts. Unlike the neutral Switzerland, Germany has been infamous for its scarred history. As a result, its watchmaking …

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Take Her For a Drive

Girlfriend. Car. Cruise. Date. Pretty rare to find these four words in harmony in a sentence. Truth behold, they’re nearly impossible to be put together without some form of backhand to your face. Deny it as much as you want, your girlfriend (or wife) probably doesn’t like your prized bumpy, loud and attention seeking ride nor does she like to …

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Basic Guide on Protein Consumption

Protein, protein, protein! It is such an important part of your workout regime that can often be neglected. Achieving your workout goals and consuming adequate levels of protein consistently can be difficult, even I struggle on certain days. The stress and time constraints caused from juggling work and life can affect your appetite and your motivation to eat right. Not …

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DJ Spotlight: Dash Berlin

Dash Berlin

If you’ve been into the Electronic Dance Music (EDM) scene for the last few years there’s no doubt you would have listened to (if not danced your butt off to) tracks produced by Dash Berlin, especially the 4AM remixes which are synonymous to the Dash Berlin name. Even if you’ve never heard of them before, perhaps after reading this and …

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