Thursday , July 2 2020
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DIY: Changing Brake Pads

Are your brakes squealing? Are they grinding into your precious shiny rotors? Well, sounds like you need to change your brake pads (and rotors if you’ve destroyed them). Contrary to common belief, changing brake pads is quite an easy affair… if you can jack up your car and take the wheels off you’re pretty much half way there. And don’t …

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Pearl: Big Shoes to Fill

This was a very exciting day, all the anticipation, suspense and home made lunches had led up to this. Of course this was the day Pearl’s new shoes got delivered. Choosing this exact set of wheels was actually quite difficult. Not only do you have to worry about what brand and style to go for, you then have to ponder …

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Pearl: Humble Beginnings

“PEARL” – 1999 JDM Silvia SPEC R S15 200SX Pearl has seen minimal modifications since my acquisition early 2012, many of the mods listed here fortunately came with the car. Goodbye to the subjective 3 spoke Stern wheels (each to their own) and Vertex eyelids… and hello to more power and style! There is plenty more to come, this is …

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