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Cruising Culture – What Happened?

It strikes most people that car enthusiasts belong on the track and not so much on the street, but if you look back in time, car enthusiasts were just as hip as the guy in skinny leg jeans carrying the latest Macbook Air. What has changed so much in a few decades that has scarred the public thinking that car enthusiasts are just hoons? These manipulated negative thoughts are injected into the public’s mind through biased and unreasonable 6:30pm slot ‘wannabe’ news programs. It is about time that car enthusiasts bring back the passion and enjoy a good drive everyone once a while without being scrutinised.

Not many years ago (ok maybe several decades ago) before video games, the internet and digital technology took over the world, hanging out with friends with several cars was quite the norm. People occasionally organised catch ups with one another at the beach, at the drive-in diner and at the drive-in movies to appreciate each other’s rides. Why has all of that changed? It seems that we are more susceptible to the confides of a building and not enjoying the outside as much these days, not to mention the current  binge-drinking mentality (not saying there is anything wrong with it) that has become more than an addiction.

Some might say that this culture was murdered by ‘cheque book’ journalistic news programs, and we couldn’t agree more. It seems only in the past decade or so that the media has portrayed car enthusiasts as death traps for themselves and the public. Ironically, there would be less car-attributed hooning cases causing death nowadays compared to the lack of safety requirements in motor vehicles of the olden days. Yes, it is true there is always one rotten apple in the basket that ruins it for everyone else, but that shouldn’t be enough to scare everyone away right?


At trak-life, we first and foremost encourage healthy car culture. Even before trak-life began, cruising has always been in the everyone’s genetics. Some may say that it is a silly practice, but unlike others  we are not wasting our weekends constantly hungover but instead enjoying the outdoors and enjoying what the day has to offer. For many years we have continued the tradition of car cruises. A favourite is the Sydney Royal National Park on Sunday mornings. The drive is entertaining, fun and exhilarating and concludes at Stanwell tops. The best part about Sunday mornings are the presence of other enthusiasts that are also willing to go for a drive… and let’s not forget the food & coffee van!

So why not give it a go? Organise a drive down south or even up north for a feed, plan it well and invite all your car enthusiast friends out. Even if they don’t drive anything special, call them out anyway for a drive and enjoy a day out!

Bring back that car culture and remember not to break any road rules! We would love to hear your favourite cruising destinations. Post your favourite drives below in the comments area.

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