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Hardrace RUCA S15 200SX silvia

DIY: Rear Upper Camber Arms for S15 200SX Silvia

Whether you’re wanting to dial in more camber for that Hellaflush look or dial out to get more straight line grip, you will need to replace your stock camber arms.
The stock arms will give you a tiny bit of adjustment but to really get the angle you want, aftermarket rear upper camber arms are what you’re after.

It’s definitely not a hard process to change these items on a Nissan S15 200SX Silvia, it’s just two bolts after all. But since there’s not really any guides out there, here’s one to make your life just that little bit easier.

Product: Hardrace HR6167R
Difficulty: Piss easy
Duration: 1-3 hours
Profanity Level: Low
Tools required: 17 &19mm socket/spanner, ratchet, WD40 and breaker bar

1. Loosen your wheels nuts, jack up the side of the car you plan to work on and rest onto stands. Take off your wheel.

2. Spray the outer bolt with plenty of WD40. Using a 19mm spanner on the bolt and a 17mm socket on your ratchet on the nut, proceed in taking off the outer bolt.

Hardrace RUCA S15 Silvia 200sx

3. Spray the inner bolt with plenty of WD40 too. Again using a 17mm spanner on the bolt and a 19mm socket on your ratchet on the nut, proceed in taking off the outer bolt. Here is where the breaker bar will come in handy as it’ll be hard to get leverage and angle. Once the bolts are out you can wiggle the stock arm out.

Hardrace RUCA S15 Silvia 200sx
Time to adjust the length of the aftermarket arm similar to the stock arm.

5. The 3 rotating bolts can get confusing (I was scratching my head for a while).

Hardrace RUCA S15 200SX silvia

The middle bolt does not move, this is the one that is used to lengthen or shorten the arm when installed on the car. The top bolt locks with the middle bolt so the top can tighten and stop spinning. Same goes for the bottom bolt which locks to the body so the bottom is tight. Clear as mud? Awesome! (Trust me it will make much more sense once you install it and see it in action).

6. May take a few goes trial fitting and correcting the length before you can insert the bolts again. Ensure that you tighten both inner and outer bolts.

Hardrace RUCA S15 200SX silvia

7. Now repeat from Step 1 for the other side.

8. When it’s all done your car will look completely whack as the camber will be mismatched and toe totally off. Don’t sweat, it’s only temporary. Proceed in getting a wheel alignment ASAP!

And really that’s all there is to it, hopefully that’s a nice and simple win for you too.

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