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DIY: USB/AUX Input Adaptor For Your Daily Honda Civic FD 8th Gen (2006 to 2009)

Ever wanted to plug up your phone or even use a USB stick for some grooves in you daily runabout car for your daily commute then left scratching your head where the AUX or USB plug is located?

Well it’s because you’ve probably bought a Honda Civic 8th Generation (2006 to 2009) that did not have that dealer option ticked. Not to worry, aftermarket technology to the rescue here! Now you can pump those tunes without burning thousands of audio CDs and saving on driving your car back to a Honda dealer to find out you’re a few hundred dollars poorer.

MP3 AUX Honda Civic - 01

Parts Required:

  • Any compatible AUX kit off eBay for your car (prices vary between $30 ~ $60)


  • 6mm socket
  • Uni-joint (optional)

Duration: 15 minutes
Difficulty: Low
Profanity Level: Medium (when you can’t get the trim back on properly)

Step 1:
Locate the pocket underneath the audio and temperature controls

MP3 AUX Honda Civic - 03

Step 2:
Using a 6mm socket and uni-joint remove the 2x bolts from the bottom up. They might be a little hard to locate visually but are quite easily to locate using your fingers

MP3 AUX Honda Civic - 02

MP3 AUX Honda Civic - 04

MP3 AUX Honda Civic - 05

Step 3:
Slowly pop off the top of the entire middle plastic, work your way around the left side and then to the bottom, however do not completely remove the unit

MP3 AUX Honda Civic - 07

Step 4:
Pop off the surround on the driver side instruments and proceed and removing the entire middle dash area

MP3 AUX Honda Civic - 08

Step 5:
Locate the plug that is blank (closest to the driver side) and plug in the AUX/USB connector. Make sure it is firmly in.

MP3 AUX Honda Civic - 09

MP3 AUX Honda Civic - 10

Step 6:
Reassemble everything in reverse order, taking care in aligning the clips with the holes (can’t be that hard right?)

MP3 AUX Honda Civic - 11

Time to enjoy music off your favourite device OR directly off a USB memory stick, if sound quality is more your forte, best to use the USB port as the device itself will decode MP3s and FLAC.

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