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Dash Berlin

DJ Spotlight: Dash Berlin

If you’ve been into the Electronic Dance Music (EDM) scene for the last few years there’s no doubt you would have listened to (if not danced your butt off to) tracks produced by Dash Berlin, especially the 4AM remixes which are synonymous to the Dash Berlin name. Even if you’ve never heard of them before, perhaps after reading this and listening to some of their tunes here is where your love for progressive trance music starts.

Contrary to what most people think, Dash Berlin is actually not just that one guy you see on the album cover or at events. In actual fact, Dash Berlin is comprised of a dutch trio consisting of Jeff Sutorious, Eelke Kalberg and Sebastiaan Molijn. The latter two however have always hid behind the scenes and you will only ever see frontman Jeff in videos and performances – after all he is the founder and the actual DJ “Dash Berlin”. In saying that however, their success has always been as a group and they would not be where they are today without the contributions of all three talented musicians.

Whilst the group officially formed in 2006, all three DJ’s were already seasoned in the EDM scene prior way before that. Jeff was titled DJ Dash Berlin for many years setting a name for himself in Europe while Kalberg and Moljin contributed their talents to artists such as Alice Deejay, Vengaboys (“Boom Boom Boom” anyone?) and Candee Jay.

Without Dash Berlin’s contribution to this track this wouldn’t have had gone too far.

In 2007, Dash Berlin made their presence felt on the worldwide stage with their smash hit “Till The Sky Falls Down”.

This was largely in part to Armin Van Buuren who featured it on his album ‘Universal Religion’ and soon after signed the group up with his record label Armada. From here on their success grew with no bounds with hit after hit, the group now sitting at #7 in DJMag’s 2012 Top 100 which is a massive achievement considering they only debuted in the polls in 2010 at #15.

Throughout the years, the group stayed true to the trance genre producing and remixing tracks with uplifting progressive beats and melodic tunes. But one aspect that really shine’s out in most of their tracks is their pairing of killer vocals to their tracks and 4AM remixes.

With the talents of the hypnotic Emma Hewitt (“Waiting” and “Disarm Yourself”) and powerful Jonathon Mendelsohn (“Better Half of Me” and “World Falls Apart”) making guest appearences,  it’s easy to see why they’re moving to the top and are loved by many across the globe.

Let’s also not forget their collaboration with ATB with the timeless “Apollo Road” and the remix that followed with Niki And The Dove.

And their recent 4AM remix of the already brilliant “Apollo” by Hardwell.

So if you love Dash Berlin as much as trak-life then continue to show your support by going to their gigs and buying their tracks!

Speaking of which, let’s hope their upcoming June event makes up for their average 2012 Stereosonic performance (which was more the location and weathers fault anyway). Love the #musiclife.

Do you love Dash Berlin too? What are your favourite tracks?

P.S Thanks to Dylan to introducing me to “Never Cry Again” which started my Dash Berlin infatuation.

Dash Berlin

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