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Pearl 200SX S15 Block Exposed

Downtime Reflections


It feels like an absolute eternity since my last trak-life post. And it might as well have been considering Pearl remained mostly unchanged for 2015 and we only slotted in three trackdays (so sad).

Alas life priorities just happen to get in the way.

Sure, getting married and jetting out for a honeymoon is all well and good but what about those mods! And beating that pesky PB!

If you’re an avid enthusiast like us, you’ll know these thoughts will always be looming in the back your mind waiting to distract and corrupt your mind (and bank account).

Looking ahead at what’s planned for 2016, I can honestly say I welcome that distraction. Wonderful things are in motion behind the scenes and this is going to be a massive year, not just for Pearl, Fridge, Jay or myself but for trak-life as a whole.

So stay tuned and make sure you check back regularly because we are definitely still here but coming back at you with more stories, more guides and definitely more braps… (when Pearl eventually gets back onto the road!).

Pearl 200SX S15 downtime

Pearl 200SX S15 block exposed

Clean Head Pearl S15

GTX2866R Turbosmart Twin Port actuator


To continue off from Phil’s post lies a somewhat similar theme my side of the fence. Trak-life has been a little quiet of late for many good reasons except for this one. So yeah my car is broken, not from track battles but more self inflicted broken. Lonely times indeed, it has been 4 weeks and 6 days since I’ve started Fridge let alone even driven her but there’s a reason for that, you could even say a silver lining.

So, what is this silver lining? Yep it’s a case of “I want more power and let’s upgrade stuff!”

In the search of sunrise, eh… power (this isn’t Tiesto) and 21st century turbo response meant that the old humble HyperGear SS2 snail was removed for some trickery by HyperGear themselves. The old manifold, external gate setup and turbo were all removed awaiting some magic.

The goal? Better response, better heat management, and more power. Why you ask? Because it’s 2016 and trak-life will be coming back in full force with a few new surprises, which will be revealed soon enough.

For now, enjoy the photos and let your imagination run wild (I’ll try not to reveal too much)!

Idle Johnny 06

Idle Johnny 07

Idle Johnny 05

Idle Johnny 04

Idle Johnny 03

Idle Johnny 02

Idle Johnny 01

What’s happening with your car?

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