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Dress the Part and Get Noticed

It’s a simple fact of life that most men are not overly conscious about what they wear… so long as it’s comfortable. I’ll admit that I’ve worn ratty old t-shirts, matched with an unshaven face and unkempt hair out to places. More of an eye-sore than a sight for sore eyes to be honest.

But on those occasions the only thing I was out to satisfy was either my hunger, or my burning need to replenish my house with groceries, light bulbs, toilet brushes etc. Aside from perhaps a quick flirt with the checkout chick there really was no need to impress anyone, or benefit in looking presentable. There is a difference however, between what I was describing above, and looking and eventually becoming a hobo 24/7.
It is important that we need to dress the part when we have to.

As much as you can use the mantra “I don’t need to impress anyone” – first impressions do count, especially in the workforce. Being inappropriately dressed clearly shows lack of enthusiasm and foremost professionalism. It also demonstrates to your employer/employee that you are really stupid and can’t see what is necessary for your job/workplace, or that you are one arrogant mother f*. Unless you are Ari Gold (who-by-the-way wears a suit and tie) I highly doubt you’ll earn respect and the right recognition from anyone. Didn’t your mother ever tell you to “dress the part” in one form or another? For us, that was something drilled into our heads since we were young. Surely, we all dress the part when we are out in town and even more so when on a date, so the workplace should be no different.

That doesn’t mean that you wear a suit and tie into an office full of people who wear jeans and t-shirts… that would make you seem… awkward and unable to fit into the culture of the workplace. Similarly, men should be wearing suits that fit – everywhere. No loose arms or baggy blazers that make you seem like you’re wearing your daddy’s suit on the first day of your job. I am also sure that if you worked on a construction site and turned up in flip flops, that your boss would take them off your feet and slap you across the face with them.

They say dressing right and for the occasion shows you care about what you are attending be for it work or an event. Let us reflect towards the workplace for a minute. The reason for the formal business attire is that most corporate jobs require you to uphold their strong and reputable image whilst showing that you can also obey company guidelines. Notice that all the good, strong managers in the workplace always seem to have nicely pressed clothing? If not, pay closer attention next time and you will see that all the sloppy managers tend to dress sloppy and all the good managers are sharp and straight in their business attire. This same observation could apply to their team as well, the ones that come to work ungroomed and with wrinkly clothes are usually the ones who care the least… if you generally came into work with wrinkled clothes… would you say you’re enthusiastic about your job?

It’s about dressing the part, for the right occasion and knowing the situation and circumstances (sometimes this is work culture, sometimes this is your clients/customers) that you are dressing for…you need to create the right image of yourself and of your personality.

So remember, dress the part, dress like you are the boss and one day you will be the boss!

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