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Five Years Ago I Brought Home a Fridge

Funnily enough when I look back at my yesteryears, so much has changed since the initial purchase of ‘The Fridge’, ‘Le Siet Bok’, ‘The Floating Barge’ or whatever – you name it! I had every intention of it being a budget track car, that really didn’t go to plan did it? In fact it went about three times over budget!

Never had I anticipated the car being in the state it is now – well not the current broken state but the one it will be in soon as I try to get it ready for a track day. So you may have read my other article where I was on the fence with the car tossing up whether to launch it all and start afresh or trying again for the 4th time to get it where I really want it (and perhaps sneak in a few extra kWs I really need).

With enough self convincing and scrapping of the piggy bank I somewhat managed to buy a few things in order to “get it back on the road”. Needless to say, things never seem to go to plan with my life in general, so $7K+ later in parts I still don’t have a working car which hasn’t moved by its own power since that day I decided to remove the turbo. I was at wits end deciding whether to scrap the lot and putting my energy towards buying another car (which would need some modifications to suit my personal taste) OR just fixing what I already had and getting it to a point where I had always envisaged it was tough.

Ultimately, the latter was chosen with the help of Phil & Minh’s encouragement and needless to say my goal posts always seem to move with age. Initially starting from a 250kW street car now to a 400kW+ street/track car with AC, ABS, Airbags, Audio and a stock appearance.

So the journey continues and I may have gotten a little carried away with the whole thing – but as Phil once said you’re only young without kids once so better do it right and throw in some icing sugar!

Now to the mods!

What have I decided to do, albeit may have not been the wisest decision:

  • RB25DET NEO (stock)
  • Tomei 260 degree / 9.15mm Poncams
  • Performance Springs 84lb Valve springs + Titanium Retainers
  • Hypergear ATR45SAT External Gate Turbo
  • Spool Imports Billet N1 Oil Pump Gears
  • Spool Imports Crank Collar
  • ASR 6.5L Extended Oil Sump
  • ARP 2000 Head Studs
  • ARP 2000 Con-rod Bolts
  • ACL Race Series Mains & Con-rod bearings
  • Some basic head work – 2x angle valve cut, etc.
  • Some basic crank work – balance, crank collar fitment
  • Some basic bottom end work – balance, hone, fit new OEM rings, bearings, etc.
  • Some additional bits to the suspension – GKTech Camber Lock Out (rear), Hardrace traction rods (rear)

Now all I need to do is just slap the lot together, get the motor run in and head back to the dyno to see what this ‘Le Siet Bok’ combination will make! I’m not expecting a full blown drag car but something usable and something that will rev out. From the list above, I do anticipate the gearbox exploding (or imploding) – but that’s another article on it’s own!

To end this off, here is an array of photos through the 8+ month journey – there were times I wanted to call it quits but there were times I just wanted it done. I’ve made it this far, there’s no turning back now!

Special shout out to the boys at Yez Racing for supplying most of the parts for this shit box. Check them out [here] and hit up their Facebook page [here].

For constant bantering, updates and the odd “push” from Skylines Australia members check out my build thread [here] where I post from time to time my tunes, logs, photos, videos, etc.

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  1. Best of luck with your project and KEEP MOVING FORWARD!! I’ve had similar “ups and downs” with a SN95 Mustang project that I’ve endured since 2006. I’m happy to report ‘not selling’ was the best decision I made when I demolished the fourth engine. I’ll be following your progress as i’m looking to enter the Skyline market.

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