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Fridge: Insert Credits to Play

Fridge’ – Nissan Skyline R33 Series 2 GTS-t

So I honestly thought no more imported sports cars… how wrong I was to ever even say that to myself. It all started with Flop, he was keen to get back into the car scene and didn’t want to do it alone. That was all the incentive I needed and surely soon enough Fridge was in my garage in June 2012 for a ridiculously cheap price after some heavy negotiations. For that price though, it came with a few gremlins and an array of parts that were not really… “tasteful”. Nevertheless, those gremlins have now been ironed out and the distasteful mods ripped out or exchanged with stock or aftermarket parts. The journey now begins…


How She Came

As Bought:


  • Unopened RB25DET
  • Yellow Jacket Coil Packs

Breathing & Exhaust:

  • B&M Pod Filter
  • Hybrid Bar & Plate Front Mount Intercooler
  • Turbosmart Dual Port Blow off Valve
  • Turbosmart Dual Stage Electronic Boost Controller
  • DRIFT 3” Stainless Cat Back Exhaust
  • Assorted horrendous looking colourful vacuum Hoses

Not Really My Style


  • KYB Excel G Shocks with unknown lowered springs (front)
  • Pedders Comfort Shocks with unknown lowered springs (rear)
  • Bendix Ultimate (Squeal & Chew Rotor) Pads


  • PBR Cushion Button Heavy Button Clutch (major slippage)


  • 19” HR Racing HR-322 Pegasus x8.5 (front) and x9.5 (rears) wheels
  • Achilles ATR Sports Tyres 235 (front) and 275 (rears)


  • GReddy Full Auto Turbo Timer
  • Autometer 52mm Cobalt Boost Gauge
  • eBay Special Gear Knob


  • Ridiculous Purple Spray Job with free rust, runs, bad finish and chipping paint
  • Isotta Chrome Wiper Blades
  • Southern Cross Sticker
  • Random unheard of workshop stickers


  • Pioneer Deck
  • Pioneer 6” Speakers hacked into doors
  • Pioneer 6×9” Speakers hacked into parcel tray


Changes and Modifications:

  • Restored Stock Blow off Valve with custom mod
  • Restored Stock Air Box
  • Restored Stock Door Trims with Speaker Grills
  • Restored Parcel Tray
  • Restored Factory Vacuum Hoses
  • Restored Slimline Charcoal Canister
  • Restored A/C Condenser Fan
  • Restored Factory Wiper Blades
  • Deleted Southern Cross Sticker
  • Deleted Unknown workshop stickers
  • Deleted GReddy Turbo Timer
  • Deleted Autometer Cobalt Boost Gauge
  • Deleted Turbosmart Dual Stage Electronic Boost Controller
  • Replaced Wheels with factory R33 GT-R 17×9” wheels
  • Replaced Clutch with NPC 10” Carbotic Button Clutch
  • Replaced Gearbox front and rear seals
  • Replaced ABS Unit
  • Upgraded Speakers with Jaycar Speakers
  • Upgraded Rear Anti-roll bar with 27mm R33 GT-R item
  • Upgraded Gear Knob with Nismo Leather item
  • Upgraded Front Pipe with RS*R 3.75” inch item
  • Upgraded Cat Back Exhaust with HKS Super Dragger 3.5” to 3.75” item
  • Upgraded Castor Rods with Whiteline Bushing Castor Rods


Future Plans:

  • Restore Rear Strut Brace to factory Series 2 item
  • Upgrade Front Anti Roll bar to 27mm adjustable
  • Upgrade Catalytic Convertor to 5” 100 Cell Venom
  • Upgrade Brakes Pads to QFM A1RM
  • Install Oil Cooler with MOCAL core and GReddy GREX plate & thermostat
  • Replace Front Mount Intercooler Piping with Plazmaman’s Swept Back Piping Kit
  • Install Gauges (Oil temperature, Oil Pressure, Boost, Wideband O2)
  • Upgrade Suspension to 7/5 kg/mm Coilovers
  • Upgrade LSD to R34 GT-t Helical LSD
  • Upgrade Seats to Factory GT-R seats
  • Upgrade Performance
  • Upgrade Fuel System with surge tank & e85 lines
  • Restore Paint & Body to factory KR4 silver

About Johnny

A typical car nutter that likes to get his hands dirty. Skyline and Silvia fanatic not to mention trak-life's own personal tuner and mechanic. Doesn't mind sparing a few days at the gym to stay fit and definitely likes to eat to keep the balance right.

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  1. Nice car, I’m curious about the BOV mod. I can see you blocked one of the holes. What benefit does this have?


    • Johnny

      The only real benefit is that the stock BOV tends to have issues holding high amounts of boost thus it is often blocked, other than that there are no real benefits except the beautiful symphony of air movement

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