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Intima SR R33 GTST 350z Brembo

Intima Brake Pads Review – SR & Type D

Looking for the new Type-D v2.0 review?

Minh – trak180

Brakes for me is an area that needs to work well to be in a good mental state to push hard out at the track. A firm pedal feel with consistent braking power allows for uninterrupted focus. With the vast array of brands out there it can be quite a daunting task choosing an option to start with. For my review of the Intimas, I’d like to recommend them for beginners or intermediate track goers who are refining both their setup and car control.

Intima SR is a pad that I have been using with my Mitsubishi Evolution Brembo calipers on my Nissan 180sx for 2 years and they have been faultless. I have covered more than 6 track days in them before needing a replacement. They are positioned within the middle of the Intima range, targeting enthusiasts who street drive and occasionally venture out to the track. On the street they get up temp pretty quick and provide smooth progressive feel just as you would prefer out of light duty braking. Bring it to your favourite stretch of road and watch them change as they heat up to temperature and provide the bite to attack those corners.

Out on the track however is where they shine, unlike other pads I have used in the past (won’t mention any names) the Intima brake pad provide the same progressive feel but pull up the vehicle from higher speed as you press deeper on that brake pedal. They last around 4-5 hot laps before they start to fade, but by that time the tyres would have shown you the same treatment. Knowing that there is consistency is reassuring as you battle yourself against the clock or chase/lead other vehicles out on the track.

For the price point you can’t go past the Intima SR range as a hybrid street and track pad.

Johnny – Fridge R33 GTS-T

Intima SR R33 GTST 350z Brembo

Alrighty… I recall someone asking me to review Intima Type-D pads over at Skylines Australia, so having the chance to punish the car just recently at the track day held by us and Yez Racing, I can safely say these pads hold up very well and are very progressive when compared to the likes of my old Project MU HC800 which are essentially a street/track crossover pad.

However just a small caveat, I’ve moved from stock R33 GTS-t calipers with Project MU HC800 pads to 350Z Brembo calipers with Intima Type-D pads, at the time the rears at the time were still running Project Mu HC800 with 4mm of pad left (which were destroyed by the end of the day and resulted in metal to metal)

First of all, the Intima pads are rated a little higher than the Project MU HC800 (0 to 700 degrees celsius) vs. Type-D (250 to 850 celsius). They might be rated at 250 celsius starting point, however with street use they seem to pull up fine even from the cold. These pads felt very normal for street use and nearly feel similar to running normal street pads such as Intima SR or Project Mu NS400, etc. just without the hard initial bite they would provide.

Just to give everyone more context on how they were judged, I’ve listed the variables below:

Track: Wakefield Park
Ambient Temp: 12~15 degrees celsius
Track Conditions: Dry/Clean
Tyres: 255/40/17 Nitto NT01
Suspension: MCA X-R with 10kg(f) and 7kg(r)
Vehicle: R33 GTS-t, no aero, ~340kW on the day (boost turned down from 1.7bar to 1.4bar)

Verdict, I’ll keep it in dot points for ease of digesting:

  • Pads don’t need much heat to get them to boogie compared to the likes of Project Mu HC800
  • After turn 2, the pads are ready to be used
  • Pads are much more progressive, not on/off compared to the likes of Project Mu HC800
  • They can be pre-loaded and stomped on and they pull up very well
  • Fade is quite progressive too, will start to fade approximately 5~6 laps
    Note: running Project Mu HC800 Rears with 4mm of pad left also I’m hitting over 200km/h down the main straight.
  • After fade, half a cool down lap is only required before brakes are back to 60~80% capacity

In conclusion, without any real technical data I highly rate them over Project Mu HC800 however Project Mu offer a Club Racer pad which would be a proper comparison to the Intima Type-D and potentially would provide a better comparison.

Intima SR R33 GTST 350z Brembo


Phil – Pearl S15

Intima Type D S15 Brembo brake pads

Brakes, brakes, brakes, brakes… the last thing I think about when buying mods for my car.
Power, handling and aesthetics are always focus points but braking? Meh as long as it stops right?

Ever since the first time I laid my mark at Wakefield and got a 1:20 til now where I’m sitting at 1:08, I’ve seen what a good set of brake pads can do. At the beginning I ran a set of QFM A1RM’s to the ground after forums suggested this as a good performance/value pad, at the time I didn’t know better. It stopped reasonably well I thought and brake fade after a lap or two was “normal”. Even the lack of cold braking on the street I thought was normal, geez what a noob.

Stepping up to the mainstream Project Mu HC800 pads next, the difference was night and day. The sheer braking power and response which I could get Pearl to stop at my whim was amazing. There’s no wonder these pads were the norm for the casual trackday attendee. Not exactly cheap and long lasting but hey, they were aqua and JDM yo!
To their credit they are an amazing pad when stepping up from a street spec pad.

I would have probably stepped up to a more expensive JDM pad next (like Endless/Winmax) but the other trak-life boys suggested I give Intima a try. There’s really not much known about this pad from Taiwan but in the quiet corners of the motorsport world people rate the SR variant quite well.

So on the most recent track day we co-organised, I went next level and got the Type D’s which are Intima’s race focused offering compared to the SR with a slightly different compound and temperature tolerance.

With no expectation there was no disappointment as the Type D’s took a hammering lap after lap after lap. Instead of wrapping up my session because of cooking brakes in previous trackdays, my Hankook Z221’s were the ones to blame as they now couldn’t outlast my brakes after 5+ laps.

I already had great stopping power previously and this remained unchanged with the Intima pads as ABS struggled for control when I was too keen with my right foot. Although I didn’t get to fully test the performance of my new pads (BMC and brake line woes), there’s nothing negative coming from me about the Intima Type D pads.

Priced at less than $200 for a flagship race pad that works fine on the street and knows how to hold its own in race mode, this is my default pad from now on.

Current Wakefield PB on the Type-D’s: 1:06.6 (03/05/2017)

Even my daily (wife’s) Lexus IS200 runs Intima SR pads, the braking confidence has vastly increased and the car honestly feels so much safer on the road. Definitely much better than the OEM and off the shelf stuff you find at your local auto store that’s for sure.

Phil – EP3 Type R

The car came equipped with Project Mu NS400 pads which are rubbish for anything performance oriented so they went straight into the bin. They’re fine for the street but if you have a performance car I don’t understand why you’d settle for a street pad that turns to mush after a few hard braking applications.

Having put the Type-D through it’s paces on the track I knew how well they performed but this time was interested in testing out how Intima’s crossover street and track pad handled in the same high pressure environment.

Honda Intima SR Civic Type R EP3

Equipped with the Intima SR pads front and rear (and stock front rotors), I brutally pushed the FWD on track.

As expected the bite off the bat is superb but also progressive enough pulling up the Honda with ease and not unbalancing the car.
I expected the braking to completely fall off after 3 hot laps but to my surprise they retained decent stopping power with some hints of fade.
I knew it was time to finish the session when the braking felt spongy where the rotors were mostly to blame not being able to cope with the heat of my constant “super late braking technique”!

Here’s my quickest lap from that day which was my first Wakefield visit in the Honda in Jan 2017, this lap was also about the 5th of that session:

All in all 1:11.5 isn’t a bad time considering stock suspension and stock rotors. What impressed me the most though (definitely wasn’t the power), was the stock handling and the stopping power provided by Intima SR brake pads, they truly held their own.
Having used Project Mu HC800/HC+ previously which cost significantly more than the Intima SR’s, I couldn’t tell the difference. Even when the former is rated at 800 degrees and Intima’s are rated at 600 degrees I felt the same level of fade as the laps increased. One thing to remember is the high temperature means nothing if the coefficient (force) is so low at such high temperatures resulting in minimal stopping power.
Next stop will be the Type-D’s but I’ll keep at it with the SR’s for now as there’s really no issue with them. Happily recommend them to any Honda’s out there still on the aqua/blue pad bandwagon and looking for a better value yet high performing alternative.

Another added bonus is the decent street manners too, minimal squealing because being in a Honda I don’t really need that attention 😉

Updated Wakefield PB: 1:09.2 (Official natsoft 26/06/2017)

Winton PB: 1:39.7220 (Official Natsoft @ Honda Nationals 2017)

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Don’t forget to check out the official Intima website:

Intima SR R33 GTST 350z Brembo

Intima SR Is200 brake pad

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