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Is Trance Making a Comeback in Australia?

Many moons ago, when the internet was starting to spurt its roots, the information superhighway looked like TRON, the MP3 format appeared like military code and having 56kbps dial-up was a premium service, trance as we all know it now was a massive scene. It was common place in clubs and featured more frequently than not at music events, not to mention there was a dedicated trance radio show every week. It was a style of music, a movement even, that allowed listeners of all ages with a fondness in electric synthesized music to appreciate. Believe it or not, the well known ‘Melbourne Shuffle’ started off from trance, although it appears to be associated with a different genre of music these days.

Events back in the day such as Utopia, Prophecy and clubs such as Home Nightclub (Sublime) and GAS Nightclub frequently or solely played trance. When the name Sublime is mentioned, great names such such as Giuseppe Ottaviani, Armin van Buuren, Paul van Dyk, Richard Durand, etc. comes to mind. But as time ticked forward, trance softened away and was overcome by a form of noise, distorted horrid electronic music called “hardstyles”, at times easily confused with hard trance which is a totally different genre.

So is trance coming back to Australia? All signs is definitely pointing towards that direction. In the past few years the presence has slowly taken form again and more artists are coming back to present their sets – it’s about bloody time Australia! Events such as Future Music Festival, Creamfields and especially Stereosonic have catered and played a large part in bringing back the trance scene. Perhaps it could have been from the influence of overseas events such as Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas or Tomorrowland in Belgium… who knows…who cares? The important thing is that it’s here.

These big events started by infusing trance into the midst of things and slowly brought those trance arenas into the spotlight as the appreciation levels have increased. A great example of trance making a hard come back is Stereosonic, with 2012 being purely focused on trance. In trance we trust and in trance we shall lose ourselves.

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What are your thoughts about the current state of trance in Australia? Is it getting to be as strong as it used to be? Comment below!

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