Monday , October 22 2018

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Trackday Chronicles I: How It All Began

It was my 34th lap around Trial Mountain and I was getting frustrated as to why my lap times were not getting significantly better. I was pushing my car so hard around the track that my eyes were dry from not blinking and my shirt was drenched in sweat… and then I needed a toilet break so I hit pause. …

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Is It Rap or Crap?

It is just me or has the current hip hop music scene gone by the wayside? Sure there there still geniuses such as Jay-Z and Kanye (Watch The Throne is a great album) pumping juicy beats and lyrical masters like Lupe Fiasco writing tight rhymes, but there’s a feeling that the urban music world is just not love and hip …

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Dress the Part and Get Noticed

It’s a simple fact of life that most men are not overly conscious about what they wear… so long as it’s comfortable. I’ll admit that I’ve worn ratty old t-shirts, matched with an unshaven face and unkempt hair out to places. More of an eye-sore than a sight for sore eyes to be honest. But on those occasions the only …

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Healthy Food Substitutions

Food glorious food, we all need to have it but most of the things we consume are probably working against our goals of being fit and looking our best. Whatever we eat, we will have to burn off one way or another, so eating and drinking smart should always be first priority before exercise planning (prevention before cure!). Some food …

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Should You Get Custom Number Plates?

So you’ve just bought a hot ride and all your mates are telling you to get custom plates because they’re “hectic”. You go on and ponder to yourself and come up with several plate ideas for your pride and joy then boom – you think: “really, do I need this?”. But peer pressure and the thought of naming your ride …

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