Monday , October 22 2018

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DIY: Rear Seat Removal Civic EP3 Type R

Honda Civic EP3 Type R rear seat removal feature

For whatever reason, removing the rear seats in your Honda Civic EP3 Type R might provide a worthwhile venture. In my case, it was simply an exercise of shedding weight seeing the car would only be run at the track and every kg saved helps rocket the naturally aspirated Civic further. The process itself is dead easy but since there aren’t …

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Pearl Build v3.0 Part II – Built Not Bought, Who Cares?

Pearl build finished

If you’ve read my previous article, you’ll know that at the end of 2015 I made the tough (and possibly misguided) decision to take Pearl my beloved Nissan S15 200SX Silvia to the next level. What exactly was the “next level” though? Taking into consideration of what a stock SR20 bottom end could handle, I set a respectable goal of …

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trak180 Redemption

trak180 180SX redemption

Hello everyone, after the last few months of what seemed like never ending  building and tuning I am finally able to detail the specifics of the v2.0 build of trak180. There has been plenty of negative outcomes with this  build, which came as a surprise as I thought with the combined knowledge and experience of both Greaser and Trak-Life, we …

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Pearl Build v3.0 Part I – Crossroads

Pearl build v3.0

Welcome to Part I of my saga as I transform my Nissan Silvia S15 (Pearl) to revision 3.0. Bear in mind this article was completed in December 2015 but never saw the internet as I was too deep into my build. So here is where it all started, you will have rewind your mindset back a year… With the array …

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DIY: GReddy Sump for Nissan SR20DET

Greddy Sump SR20DET

If your car see’s the track regularly or you simply want to stare at a cool “SR20” logo when you’re rolling around underneath your car then installing a GReddy sump (or oil pan) is for you. It’s that extra bit of security when you’re going full out on the track since it provides extra oil capacity and maintains oil in …

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Intima Brake Pads Review – SR & Type D

Intima SR R33 GTST 350z Brembo

Looking for the new Type-D v2.0 review? Minh – trak180 Brakes for me is an area that needs to work well to be in a good mental state to push hard out at the track. A firm pedal feel with consistent braking power allows for uninterrupted focus. With the vast array of brands out there it can be quite a …

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The Honda Civic Type R FK2 – Quick Spin

Civic Type R FK2

Like Toyota and Subaru, Honda had been quiet for a lengthy period of time. Their last car to don the fabled Type R badge was the FD2 & FN2 Civic which ceased production in 2011. In the day and age where forced induction is now seen mainstream, many brand loyal devotees questioned Honda’s strategy as their underpowered naturally aspirated works …

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DIY: 350Z Brembo Brakes Conversion for Nissan Skyline R33 GTS-t / GTS / GTS-4 & Silvia S13 / S14 / S15

Been to a few track days, cycled through different pads and still not stopping down the main straight like you should? Either she goes on a diet and loses her interior, audio equipment, sound deadening and extra bolts/nuts/cabling OR you could just buy her a birthday present. Hmmmmmmmm I think Brembo brakes are the perfect present! There are actually a …

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DIY: Nissan Silvia (200SX) S15 SR20DET Head Removal

SR20DET Head Removal

“One does not simply remove the head off a SR20DET” By far this has been the biggest job ever that I’ve single handedly completed on my Nissan Silvia S15. It really tested my “built not bought” mentality and at times made me loathe the damn thing –  chances are you might end up hating your car too. Whether you’re replacing a …

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Touge Attack with Fun2Drive Japan

Fun2Drive and trak-life feature

There we sat, the 7 of us nodding off intermittently on the Odakyu highway bus en route to our Hakone destination in Japan. Besides the gorgeous scenery and abundant onsens, this area is renowned for it’s iconic twisty roads as featured in Initial D and is also home of our destination Fun2drive. Before my very recent trip to Japan, I …

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