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Five Years Ago I Brought Home a Fridge

Funnily enough when I look back at my yesteryears, so much has changed since the initial purchase of ‘The Fridge’, ‘Le Siet Bok’, ‘The Floating Barge’ or whatever – you name it! I had every intention of it being a budget track car, that really didn’t go to plan did it? In fact it went about three times over budget! …

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DIY: SR20DET Front Main Seal/Drive Belts

SR20DET Drive belts and front main seal

Taking off the drive belts on your S13, S14 or S15 SR20DET can serve many purposes. Replacing worn belts, replacing pulleys, replacing front oil seal, removing timing chain front cover/oil pump, whipping naughty children… Ok maybe not the last one. My aim in removing the drive belts was to actually remove the front cover to inspect my timing chain, that …

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DIY: Honda Civic EP3 Type R Coilover Install

Hardrace H-S Coilover install

The stock suspension in the EP3 Type R is actually already pretty good – firm, responsive and well balanced. Having clocked in a 1:10.6 time at Wakefield with the stock suspension, it was time to step up the game and tweak the suspension with a set of Hardrace H-S Coilovers. The install is actually very straight forward but without the …

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trak-life X Greaser Trackday 03.05.17

trak-life greaser trackday

Another trackday has come and gone, this time trak-life teamed up with Greaser Co. to co-organise an awesome day out at Wakefield Park Raceway in Goulburn. Open pit lane format, 10 cars max on the track at one time, 32 cars total – it’s the ideal time attack equation. From the trak-life stable, the S15, EP3 Type R and 180 …

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Trackday Chronicles VII – Long Overdue

You’ve heard it all before, I’m guilty –  guilty of not updating trak-life’s track adventures as soon as they come. Surprisingly, two long years have passed since my last entry and you could say a few things have gone down during that time (namely PBs). With the most recent trackday on the 6th March 2017 still fresh in my head, …

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Where to Now with Fridge the R33 Skyline?

As per the title, where to now with ‘Fridge’ the R33 Skyline? Well this post isn’t so much about where it’s heading but where it is currently at and the uncertainty I have for the old JDM car scene. As you guys may have known, last year was the last time Fridge went out to Wakefield in one piece – …

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DIY: Rear Seat Removal Civic EP3 Type R

Honda Civic EP3 Type R rear seat removal feature

For whatever reason, removing the rear seats in your Honda Civic EP3 Type R might provide a worthwhile venture. In my case, it was simply an exercise of shedding weight seeing the car would only be run at the track and every kg saved helps rocket the naturally aspirated Civic further. The process itself is dead easy but since there aren’t …

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Pearl Build v3.0 Part II – Built Not Bought, Who Cares?

Pearl build finished

If you’ve read my previous article, you’ll know that at the end of 2015 I made the tough (and possibly misguided) decision to take Pearl my beloved Nissan S15 200SX Silvia to the next level. What exactly was the “next level” though? Taking into consideration of what a stock SR20 bottom end could handle, I set a respectable goal of …

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trak180 Redemption

trak180 180SX redemption

Hello everyone, after the last few months of what seemed like never ending  building and tuning I am finally able to detail the specifics of the v2.0 build of trak180. There has been plenty of negative outcomes with this  build, which came as a surprise as I thought with the combined knowledge and experience of both Greaser and Trak-Life, we …

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Pearl Build v3.0 Part I – Crossroads

Pearl build v3.0

Welcome to Part I of my saga as I transform my Nissan Silvia S15 (Pearl) to revision 3.0. Bear in mind this article was completed in December 2015 but never saw the internet as I was too deep into my build. So here is where it all started, you will have rewind your mindset back a year… With the array …

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