Thursday , July 18 2019

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E85: Is It Time You Made The Move?

E85 choices s15 200sx silvia

For the majority of us import sports car enthusiasts, 98RON fuel provided at the local pump serves its purpose quite well. Whilst not exactly cheap these days, it is at least abundant and has a decent octane rating. But as with most things in life, there will always be something better out there to tempt you. If you surf the …

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Trackday Chronicles VI: Hidden Frustrations

Where on earth did the first half of 2014 go? More than half way through the year and we’ve only had one lousy visit to the track. It was none other than Wakefield Park of course since Luddenham is still a long way away, Marulan is too small and Eastern Creek events are just about as rare as legitimate odometer …

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Jay’s Simple Convection Oven Recipes: Tex Mex Chicken

If you’re short on time to create a tasty healthy meal (like myself), here’s a super quick recipe that will excite your taste buds without the lengthy prep work required! Don’t get stuck with eating the same old grilled or roast chicken without any seasoning day after day. Try coating your chicken pieces in this simple but tasty Tex Mex …

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Jay’s Simple Convection Oven Recipes: Bulgogi Chicken Salad

Ever feel like there’s just not enough hours in a day? I know that feeling! Then comes meal time. Often being time poor, most of us (including myself) tend to stray away from a home cooked meal and more towards a store bought meal as they’re so convenient and deceivingly economical. But when you add up the costs and all …

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DIY: Installing Five O Motorsport 1000cc SR20DET Sidefeed Injectors

S15 FiveO injectors

With the upgraded fuel pump recently installed, it was only a matter of time until my lovely Nissan 200SX S15 Silvia Pearl got some higher flowing injectors installed. Tuning my car onto e85 was so close! I just had to install them… I decided to go with Five O Motorsport 1000cc injectors from the U.S which offer great value and performance …

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DIY: Nissan Skyline R33 Power Steering Oil Cooler

Ever gone to track day, popped your bonnet and said to yourself loudly “OMG what the??! Mad oil leak”, only to realise it’s just your power steering reservoir playing silly buggers again and ejaculating all over the engine bay. Yes, it’s inevitable that you will boil your power steering fluid after several hot and exciting laps resulting in an oily …

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DIY: Deatschwerks DW300 S15 200SX Fuel pump install

Deatschwerks DW300 S15 200SX Fuel pump install

As more and more power was squeezed out of my beloved Pearl, I knew some parts of the fuel system would eventually need an upgrade. And since the move to e85 was on the horizon, it simply made sense to upgrade to a larger and ethanol compatible fuel pump. Instead of the usual Walbro variety, I opted for a Deatschwerks …

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DIY: Rear Upper Camber Arms for S15 200SX Silvia

Hardrace RUCA S15 200SX silvia

Whether you’re wanting to dial in more camber for that Hellaflush look or dial out to get more straight line grip, you will need to replace your stock camber arms. The stock arms will give you a tiny bit of adjustment but to really get the angle you want, aftermarket rear upper camber arms are what you’re after. It’s definitely …

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