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DIY: Nissan Skyline R33 Power Steering Oil Cooler

Ever gone to track day, popped your bonnet and said to yourself loudly “OMG what the??! Mad oil leak”, only to realise it’s just your power steering reservoir playing silly buggers again and ejaculating all over the engine bay. Yes, it’s inevitable that you will boil your power steering fluid after several hot and exciting laps resulting in an oily …

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DIY: Deatschwerks DW300 S15 200SX Fuel pump install

Deatschwerks DW300 S15 200SX Fuel pump install

As more and more power was squeezed out of my beloved Pearl, I knew some parts of the fuel system would eventually need an upgrade. And since the move to e85 was on the horizon, it simply made sense to upgrade to a larger and ethanol compatible fuel pump. Instead of the usual Walbro variety, I opted for a Deatschwerks …

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DIY: Rear Upper Camber Arms for S15 200SX Silvia

Hardrace RUCA S15 200SX silvia

Whether you’re wanting to dial in more camber for that Hellaflush look or dial out to get more straight line grip, you will need to replace your stock camber arms. The stock arms will give you a tiny bit of adjustment but to really get the angle you want, aftermarket rear upper camber arms are what you’re after. It’s definitely …

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ECU Tuning: What Are You Paying For?

Nissan S15 Silvia 200sx Nistune Dyno

In my latest pursuit for more power and response for my treasured Nissan S15, I recently embarked down the ECU tuning path by purchasing a Nistune Type 4 daughterboard and installed it into my stock ECU. The next logical step for most would have then involved paying someone a visit (usually a workshop) to “tune” my car – I went …

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Nissan Silvia Cruise – 28th March, 2014

What a turn out, even though the weather wasn’t playing nice. Great evening of talking shop, cruising and snacking in West Gosford. Although the roads were wet and rain followed us everywhere, still made for a fantastic cruise nevertheless.

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Protein Powders – Making The Choice

protein powder making the choice

Ever walked into a supplement shop expecting a straightforward purchase but ended up being completely overwhelmed? Well you’re not alone. Everyone (including me) had to make that courageous step down the protein powders aisle at one point in their workout life only to be left totally lost and bewildered. With so many choices out there, how do you know which …

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Basic Introduction on Helical, Torsen, Viscous, Mechanical Limited Slip Differentials (LSD)

The Limited Slip Differential; better known as LSD to motor enthusiasts, is an engineering marvel. Distributing torque to both wheels equally is a must for putting that power to the ground whilst also maintaining control of the vehicle’s ability to be steered in the desired direction. For the lucky few, these come equipped from factory but majority of your A …

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Wheel Offsets – Hellaflush or Hellafunctional?

Wheel offsets hellaflush

If you thought choosing the best looking design and colour was hard enough when buying rims for your car, think again. Imagine saving all those pennies to buy those dream set of wheels only to discover it does not sit properly on your car. Yes, offset matters! Often overlooked by the excitement of new shiny rims, wheel offset is actually …

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