Monday , October 22 2018

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Protein Powders – Making The Choice

protein powder making the choice

Ever walked into a supplement shop expecting a straightforward purchase but ended up being completely overwhelmed? Well you’re not alone. Everyone (including me) had to make that courageous step down the protein powders aisle at one point in their workout life only to be left totally lost and bewildered. With so many choices out there, how do you know which …

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Basic Introduction on Helical, Torsen, Viscous, Mechanical Limited Slip Differentials (LSD)

The Limited Slip Differential; better known as LSD to motor enthusiasts, is an engineering marvel. Distributing torque to both wheels equally is a must for putting that power to the ground whilst also maintaining control of the vehicle’s ability to be steered in the desired direction. For the lucky few, these come equipped from factory but majority of your A …

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Wheel Offsets – Hellaflush or Hellafunctional?

Wheel offsets hellaflush

If you thought choosing the best looking design and colour was hard enough when buying rims for your car, think again. Imagine saving all those pennies to buy those dream set of wheels only to discover it does not sit properly on your car. Yes, offset matters! Often overlooked by the excitement of new shiny rims, wheel offset is actually …

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Trackday Chronicles V: Just Add Tyres

Trackday Chronicles Trak-life

As 2013 winds up, it is only natural to reflect upon the years highlights… the two last trackdays being one of those highlights. The biggest track upgrade of the year for Pearl was put to the test in the last two trackdays of the year which was the HSVOC trackday in October and a random Speed Off The Streets day …

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DIY: Replacing Power Steering Bushes on a Nissan Skyline R33 GTS-t

Ever wondered why your steering wheel feels a little “doughy” or unresponsive even after replacing your rack ends, tie rods and given it a good wheel alignment? It’s probably because you’re steering rack bushes have deteriorated which has allowed room for your steering rack to wiggle about. Not to worry though, it’s a relatively easy task to replace and best …

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WTAC 2013: The Wrap Up

WTAC 2013

Besides the F1 and the MotoGP, it’s quite rare to see Australia host an international motorsports event let alone make it popular. So when big names in the international tuning scene land on our shores to compete in the Yokohama Advan World Time Attack over two days, you know it’s a going to be good. Starting off in 2008 in …

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DIY: Nissan Skyline Radiator Replacement and Upgrade

Foot down, revs high, sweat dripping, you’ve got a record smashing lap lined up but then in the corner of your eye you see the water temperature frantically climbing towards the no go zone area. Disappointment rushes through you body as you know better to back off the noise pedal before you cause some irreversible damage to your vehicle. Time …

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SAU Skidpan Texikhana Day 7th October 2013

What better way to spend a long weekend than pedal to the floor and leaving tyre marks on the tarmac and make use of some old tyres. Well that’s exactly what Jay and other Skylines Australia members did on the recent Labour Day Monday, was great weather for it too! Here’s a little footage captured by one of the SAU …

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DIY: Nissan 200SX S15 Silvia Starter Motor Replacement

S15 Starter motor

Replaced the battery? Cleaned the battery terminals? Checked the grounding? Made sure it wasn’t the alarm or immobiliser? If your car still isn’t turning over still then the starter motor is most likely to blame. I recently went through this process of elimination with my Nissan 200SX S15 Silvia and it all came down to a dead starter motor. Technically, …

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