Friday , December 4 2020

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The Winter Dilemma: Cashmere Or Wool?

Cloudy days, cold nights and constant unpredictability of rain. Winter has finally arrived and it seems mother nature has intent to treat us with cold vengeance. And with winter comes the perennial choices of what winter accessories to take with us as we make our daily pilgrimage to and from work. One accessory usually first on the list is the …

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Trackday Chronicles IV: Fast Forward to the present

Nissan Silvia 200SX S15 Pearl at Wakefield trackday

My last trackday entry spoke about Pearl’s first outing at Wakefield Park Raceway which happened more than year ago. Seeing that I may never write about present events days after they happen; as I have yet to write about my last three track days, I’ll fast forward all the way to the most recent track day which was just over …

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HSVOC NSW Track Day 28th July, 2013

For the majority for us, a cold Sunday means staying in our warm beds and waking up late to our own accord. But for the determined and excited few, braving the cold and long drive down to Wakefield Park Raceway for a track day is better than any sleep in. Organised by the HSV Owners Club of NSW and with …

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Driven: The Ferrari 458 Italia and Nissan R35 GT-R

Ferrari 458 Italia

There’s no doubt that any of us wouldn’t want either one or both of these sitting in our garage one day, they are the pinnacle of automotive engineering and really push the meaning of what a “sports car” should be. In my recent trip to the United States, I was fortunate enough to experience driving both these cars at a …

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Jay’s Basic Gym Supplements Guide

Supplements: What should I take? With today’s explosion of workout supplements on the market, how would anyone have a clue where to start? Our muscles need nutrients for maintenance, repair and development. Most of this repair process can actually be achieved with just a perfectly controlled and balanced diet. However since not all of us are fitness junkies (if only …

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DIY: Boost Gauge Install on a S15 200SX

S15 Boost Gauge install

One of the perks of owning a JDM S15 200SX is the handy and free boost gauge sitting in the A-pillar. As pretty and flush it may be, there will come a day when you want some variety and/or a gauge that displays more than 1 bar worth of boost. Good news! Replacing the stock gauge isn’t that difficult since …

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Basic Guide on Protein Consumption

Protein, protein, protein! It is such an important part of your workout regime that can often be neglected. Achieving your workout goals and consuming adequate levels of protein consistently can be difficult, even I struggle on certain days. The stress and time constraints caused from juggling work and life can affect your appetite and your motivation to eat right. Not …

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Trackday Chronicles III: Pearl’s Debut

S15 200SX Trackday

Looking back on the time I owned Sky, we had many good times but as with most things it was time to move onto bigger and better things. The choice was simple, either plough a fair wad of cash into the old girl or replace her with someone faster, newer and sexier. The latter was the smart man’s choice and …

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DJ Spotlight: Dash Berlin

Dash Berlin

If you’ve been into the Electronic Dance Music (EDM) scene for the last few years there’s no doubt you would have listened to (if not danced your butt off to) tracks produced by Dash Berlin, especially the 4AM remixes which are synonymous to the Dash Berlin name. Even if you’ve never heard of them before, perhaps after reading this and …

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DIY: Basic Engine Oil Change

So you’ve owned your car from day one ever since it hatched out of the dealership and only just the other day it has fallen out of the manufacturer’s warranty period. Yipee! Now’s the time to take control of who flushes out your baby’s fluids. This means no more through the roof, wallet draining oil changes. To the backyard we …

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