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Pearl: Big Shoes to Fill

This was a very exciting day, all the anticipation, suspense and home made lunches had led up to this. Of course this was the day Pearl’s new shoes got delivered. Choosing this exact set of wheels was actually quite difficult. Not only do you have to worry about what brand and style to go for, you then have to ponder deeply about rim colour, size, width and offset. On top of it all, you then also have to factor in tyre type and size!

When you’re spending a decent amount of hard earned cash on your wheels you don’t want to overlook any of these things. So over the duration of a month or so, forums for-sale sections were scoured and refreshed constantly, Yahoo auctions browsed daily and eBay was overloaded from my continuous wheel searches. Whilst getting brand new wheels is definitely the best option, the cost of quality JDM wheels these days doesn’t make it feasible for most especially when they go for the $3000+ price range for a new set of Work, Volk, SSR or Rays.

Sleepless nights and boring conversations about wheels with anyone who looked remotely interested were plentiful; an investment like this required plenty of thinking out loud and debating.

In the end, the final battle was between a very well priced and new set of AME TM02 Tracers or a good condition used set of Volk GTC’s in gold… ultimately the latter was  the winner:

AME Tracer TM02 wheels
AME Tracer TM02
Volk GT-C wheels
The Winner (a.k.a the latter)









It has dish, it has flair, it has poke, it has presence.
This is a wheel that left a pool of dribble when I first saw them on the gold Top Secret Supra… I knew one day they had to be mine. Gun Metal grey would have been the preference, but gold on white is just as sweet. Whilst Volk GTC’s on S15’s are nothing new, Pearl wanted to be a little more daring than the white on whites or black on whites… not that there’s anything wrong with that look of course. Although the Tracers are definitely a great wheel and has proven track performance since they are the rim of choice on the Cyber Evo and many other motorsport cars, they did look a little too similar to Pearl’s current twin spoke Advan AVS Model 5s… and the splurge to go the GTC’s wasn’t that much higher. This was the wheel I was waiting for ever since I got into the car scene, no point holding back!

Advan AVS in guard
Inside Guard
Volk GTC outside guard
Outside guard

Rims? Check. Tyres? On its way. Off they went to Brook’s Tyres in North Parramatta who offered great pricing and service on some 225/40/18 and 235/40/18 Federal 595 RSR’s. From all the reviews and feedback on these tyres, they were the one to go for if you wanted a “semi-slick type” that had good tread life and grip without going into true R compound territory.

Balanced and fitted, they were popped onto Pearl. Oh my how they were very Mexican. Sure I’d made adjustments to tyre width to compensate on the low offset (article about that soon) and expected there’d be a small amount of poke, but the generous sidewall from the RSRs didn’t help my cause.

It was time to get in touch with Phill from PhillB Enterprises, as many good things have been seen and said about his services so he was the man to save my shiny new tyres from major damage.
Within a few days he was out smoothly caressing and showing Pearl’s guards some love. Only the rears were done with the inner guard lip completely folded back and a very small pump which resulted in an additional 20mm outer clearance. Phill really knows how to work that roller and heat gun, not to mention he’s a top bloke to have a chat to while waiting around… (hint: he loves everything VIP wheels and anything JDM).
All in all I couldn’t be happier with the result. Wheels now fit in snug (just) and guards are still in good nick.

If you’re like me and have held back for ages in getting your dream wheels… all I can say is when the finances allow and the opportunity exists just do it! Knowing that you’re rolling on the wheels you’ve always wanted is a great feeling… it really sets off the look of your car. Don’t compromise and go for cheap imitations when you know you can have awesome forged monoblock JDM quality!

Be sure to let us know what wheels you love and have splashed out on below!


Thanks to Aaron from Import Monster for putting up with my myriad of questions and having these beautiful set of Volk GT-C’s lying around for me.

Also thanks to the guys at Brooks Tyres North Parramatta for a great deal on my Federal 595 RSRs.

And finally a big thank you to Phill from PhillB Enterprises and his trusty photographer Andy for making rolling guards fun.

Pearl Volk GTC no gap
Zero clearance until…
Pearl Volk GTC gap
…PhillB showed Pearl the light…
Pearl Volk GTC
The end result. Pearl loves me long time.
Gotta love dish
Gotta love dish
Volk wheels... worth every cent.
Volk wheels… worth every cent.

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