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Should You Get Custom Number Plates?

So you’ve just bought a hot ride and all your mates are telling you to get custom plates because they’re “hectic”. You go on and ponder to yourself and come up with several plate ideas for your pride and joy then boom – you think: “really, do I need this?”. But peer pressure and the thought of naming your ride lingers in the back of your head…admittedly most of us (including myself) will go through this phase in our lives. It stokes our egos to think we are the one to come up with a brilliant name for our car… that in the perfect combination of letters and numbers fits our license plate.

Street cred – that’s what it is all about and when I roll by, people will recognise. But really, one of the many reasons why a customised plate shouldn’t be considered is because it causes that subconscious pain in the arse. That is, it brings the wrong attention majority of the times. By making your ride easily identifiable, it gives cops an advantage, gives thieves an easy way to mark the car and gives the public an easy way to spot your car. All this can only lead to unwanted attention. Some people may love the attention, but remember – not all attention is good attention. Most of the times, custom plates are perceived negatively by the general public and that’s a fact too!

Custom Plates

Secondly, another reason why you shouldn’t put a custom plate on your ride is the exorbitant prices that the RMS (formerly RTA) charges for different styles for essentially numbers and letters pressed into a sheet of aluminium. How can something so simple cost so much, not to mention the recurring annual fee? You have got to be kidding! Why should you waste your hard-earned cash on something so trivial? All you are doing is support the RMS with their policies already in place to rip us off, so why should we be bother doing them any more favours?

I do realise that customised number plates also serve to create recognition with a different purpose. Association with a brand name. If anything is ever in our view constantly, it eventually becomes imprinted in our memories… even if we have no idea what it’s for. I think quite a lot of us have seen “Wynstan with Y”, clearly has no connection to blinds but it works! Customised plates are a must have to promote a business or company, but for all those who cannot live without telling the world what they have, try to be at least super creative and don’t put your engine or car model as the number plate (K20A, VQ37, EG6, S15, R35 etc.) and not put some plate that just splashes out your ego.

So next time you decide if custom plates are worth it, think again. Tell us what you think down below.

* The Government body that manages motoring affairs in NSW. Different states will have equivalent Government bodies

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  1. Lol but I dont care what this cost of the plates are or how the public perseves me
    Lol stay tuned for my Hektik plates !

  2. Ps I think your driving style has the same effect as Hektik plates

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