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Basic Guide on Protein Consumption

Protein, protein, protein! It is such an important part of your workout regime that can often be neglected. Achieving your workout goals and consuming adequate levels of protein consistently can be difficult, even I struggle on certain days. The stress and time constraints caused from juggling work and life can affect your appetite and your motivation to eat right. Not …

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5 Simple Tips For Better Health

Five simple tips for better health

No matter what your fitness and health goals may be, you should hopefully be practicing these five simple things in your life. They might seem pretty straightforward but positive reinforcement helps you stay on track. 1. Drink more than 3 litres of cold water a day Besides obviously staying hydrated, drinking cold water throughout the day has the added benefit …

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Carbs And Your Diet: The Basics

You might have read or heard friends talk about reducing or eliminating carbohydrates in their diet. It’s an increasingly popular topic which will more often than not come up when weight management and fat loss are mentioned. There are plenty of detailed research and technical discussions out there that may overload your brain and even confuse you, so my aim …

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Healthy Food Substitutions

Food glorious food, we all need to have it but most of the things we consume are probably working against our goals of being fit and looking our best. Whatever we eat, we will have to burn off one way or another, so eating and drinking smart should always be first priority before exercise planning (prevention before cure!). Some food …

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