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Take Her For a Drive

Girlfriend. Car. Cruise. Date. Pretty rare to find these four words in harmony in a sentence. Truth behold, they’re nearly impossible to be put together without some form of backhand to your face. Deny it as much as you want, your girlfriend (or wife) probably doesn’t like your prized bumpy, loud and attention seeking ride nor does she like to be driven around in it. She probably finds comfort in her own car and prefers to be driven around in that. Although I’m sure there are girlfriends and wives out there that don’t mind being in that prized ride of yours, let’s focus on the majority who don’t.

So how can you get her to go with you on a car cruise and return both a happy couple?

Simple answer, give her a reward! And who doesn’t like a reward? This of course being a romantic date that’s somehow attached itself to a car cruise (car enthusiast driving session) absolutely free with no strings attached; well in her mind that is. Ideally you may need to make a few small compromises like focusing all your attention to her, having the windows up so it doesn’t ruin her hair and spending more time with fluffy talk rather than totally enjoying your drive. This way she’ll be happy and you’ve had your driving fix so therefore everyone wins!

High Tea in Audley
High Tea at the Audley Room, should keep her comfort levels in check

So where to start? Plan a destination that offers both good driving experience and a good picnic location. Typical great driving locations are something like national parks, great for picnic dates packed with activities coupled with more twists and turns than your tumble dryer.

Once you’ve got that checked, try and swindle the idea to your girlfriend, something along the lines of: “Hey babe, what are you doing next Saturday? The forecast is looking great, let’s go on a picnic and spend some quality time together doing a few activities. I have a great location in mind and you will love it” (Sounds legit – Flop). That should result in an instant yes if she’s not busy. The word “activities” could encapsulate many things such as long romantic walks, cheese and crackers, fine wine, sparkling, row boating, drawing each others names in the sand and the part you really care about, driving through the twisty and windy roads. As long as she see’s more pros than cons for her you’ve got the best of both worlds!

Remember the romantic walk in the park!
Remember the romantic walk in the park!

Some well known locations to get you started, always remember to plan ahead so you’re able to have lunch.

The Royal National Park, filled with places to do things and of course a fantastic strip of road to be drive on. Don’t forget to stop at:

  1. The Audley Room for some High Tea or even just pop down stairs for a coffee at their cafe – Lady Carrington Drive, Audley, NSW 2232
  2. Audley Boat Shed, hire a boat and row about the river before setting off – 6 Farnell Ave, Audley NSW 2232
  3. Bundeena Beach, laze about on the beautiful quiet beach – Bundeena Dr, Bundeena NSW 2230
  4. Stanwell Tops, for a quick bite to eat before setting back home
The Audley Cafe & Stanwell Tops via The Royal National Park
The Audley Cafe & Stanwell Tops via The Royal National Park

If you’re ever planning to head down to the south, be sure have a quick squirt through Macquarie Pass and stop by:

  1. Robertson Pie Shop, they are well known for their variety of awesome savoury and sweet pies -4400 Illawarra Hwy, Robertson NSW 2577
  2. Windang’s many beaches good scenic stop before embarking the journey back home
Robertson Pie Shop via Macquarie Pass
Robertson Pie Shop via Macquarie Pass

Old Pacific Highway, fabulous stretch of road with so much history. No matter how far you keep traveling, there’s always something to discover on it. Some favourites are:

  1. Pie in the Sky, who doesn’t like Pies? Great variety and true Aussie culture –  1296 Pacific Hwy, Cowan NSW 2081
  2. King Tide Cafe, great cafe serving fresh fish & chips to fuel up before the drive home – 9 Dangar Rd  Brooklyn NSW 2083
Pie in the Sky & King Tide Cafe via Old Pacific Highway
Pie in the Sky & King Tide Cafe via Old Pacific Highway

Drive safe, keep her smiling and best of luck!

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