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trak-life greaser trackday

trak-life X Greaser Trackday 03.05.17

Another trackday has come and gone, this time trak-life teamed up with Greaser Co. to co-organise an awesome day out at Wakefield Park Raceway in Goulburn.

Open pit lane format, 10 cars max on the track at one time, 32 cars total – it’s the ideal time attack equation.

From the trak-life stable, the S15, EP3 Type R and 180 were present with Johnny’s Fridge still missing in action due to an ongoing engine build. Greaser Co. side included two AE86’s and a DC2 Type R.

There was no shortage of variety on this day as turbo whooshy noises, VTEC and 6 cylinder braps threatened to set off the extended 95dB noise limit.

As much as my words can relive the day, pictures are what conjure up the feels so enjoy.
Big thanks to our trusty photographers Angus and Gareth for taking the time out and snapping these amazing pics.


Main Straight

Back Straight

Thanks for all who came (hopefully we’ll make full capacity next time!) and to our sponsors Intima Brakes, Garmin & Street Cover.


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    Probably a long shot, is there any chance i could grab the full res pics of the Yellow Honda S2000?


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