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VSCCS Scheme For Vehicle Modifications

Remember the good old days when modifying your car wasn’t so complicated and strict? Even coppers at times would compliment your car and its modifications and there was a form of mutual respect built. Those days are since long gone and all that’s left is to  reminisce and drain our wallets with petty rules and fines.

The Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) – previously known as Roads and Traffic Authority (RTA), are always finding innovative ways to increase revenue, piss off motorists and make modifying your car daunting. Through their steady flow of ridiculous new schemes and regulations, they are just wasting everyone’s time and money; not to mention making things much more convoluted than it should be.

VSCCS Old ECS Certiicate

The long serving Engineering Certificate Scheme (ECS) has recently been replaced by the Vehicle Safety Compliance Certification Scheme, better known as VSCCS. This switchover occurred on the 19th December, 2011 and is essentially another way for the government to suck more money out of car enthusiasts. The revised scheme dictates engineers and existing engineering shops will need to apply for new certification scheme in order to legally perform the assessments on vehicles. The VSCCS now also echoes the current ridiculous Australian Design Rules (ADRs) making the passing of any modification nearly impossible which was how the original ECS system started off but eventually fell on its backside down the track. This was due to certified engineers becoming sloppy over time allowing all sorts of modifications to be passed (not that anyone in the car enthusiast community complained about the lax rulings). People were clearly going to certain, known dodgy engineering shops and getting their defective vehicles “engineered” so to speak to bypass their defects. People ended up flocking to the known dodgy engineering shops just to get their defective vehicles “engineered” so to speak in order to bypass their defects, it became obvious the system wasn’t working as intended… what makes it different this time around?

The irony behind these so called ‘ADRs’ is that the Aussie car industry cannot even build a half-decent car, yet they can come up with all these rules that apparently improves on efficiency and safety. To add more salt to the wound, they cannot even run a profitable company in the first place, relying on Government grants to keep afloat, which is an indirect contribution from taxpayers’ money.

For all modified vehicle owners, they still have the option of submitting their ECS certification to VSCCS to receive a VSCCS certificate without another inspection/engineering process before 19th June, 2012. After that period ECS certifications will be invalid and a full inspection will be required.

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