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Workout routine – Frequency VS Balance

It is good to have a balance of everything, especially when it comes to working out. We all know that hitting the gym as much as you can in a week is a good idea in theory, but when it comes to crunch time most of us simply do not have that time to spare. Commitments like work, family, relationships (getting laid) and our beautiful rides usually consume plenty of that spare time. So making sure you work out efficiently becomes more and more important.

First thing you need to work out is which muscles are most important to you or require the most improvement and then list them down. That way you can determine your priorities and measure your gains. As an absolute minimum, you should be hitting the gym twice a week which should cover most major muscle groups. The third and extra days after that can be for the lower priority muscle groups and/or repeat of the first/second session.

Now it should be worth noting that working out more than three times a week is perfectly fine if you can fit that into your weekly schedule and have planned out your muscle groups properly. Whilst working out, getting fit and shredded is a definite goal for me, I personally have no desire to be visiting the gym more than 3 times a week. I like my balance and believe that is all achievable in the three day plan which I’ve stuck to for the past year.

3 days a week is all you need
3 days a week is all you need

Your first workout for the week should be the one you look most forward to. This workout should be the one that makes you feel awesome after you leave the gym and the one that makes you keep staring at yourself in the mirror all night (to your girlfriends dismay). So make sure you prepare your favourite tunes and have a good pre-workout snack as this workout will keep you feeling good for the rest of the gym sessions. For most of us this day will be a variation of shoulder/biceps or chest/shoulders (My shoulders workout). Three to four sets for each muscle group should be plenty.

Your second session of the week should be spaced a day apart (for recovery) and should include another two necessary muscle groups. Here at trak-life we are fans of doing back and biceps on this mid week hump session.

The last compulsory session will probably end up being the muscles you hate the most but know you need to do… most often legs and triceps. Easily skippable and easily regrettable but they are compulsory for overall muscle growth (and there’s nothing worse than having chicken legs).

If you’ve smashed your 3 sessions a week and hungry for more, just hit up the gym again to do your favourite muscle, some cardio/interval or those smaller muscles (e.g. abs, traps, calves, obliques).

So how long should a workout be? Well if you’re doing it right by doing three to four sets for each muscle group and having a one minute rest in between sets you should be out of the gym under an hour. If you want to fire up the afterburners with some cardio post weights then we find doing a very high intensity three to five minute row at the end can be helpful with shredding some extra fat.

One thing to remember is that everyone is different when it comes to their workout goals, routine and frequency. If you have something that works for you that’s great and you should stick to it. If you’re starting out or are having trouble figuring out what to do on what days then hopefully this would have helped. One more thing, remember that recovery is just as important as the workout itself so a day off between sessions should be spent eating and sleeping well.

Proof is in the pudding as they say – I’m a big supporter of the “three session a week” gym plan and my results speak for themselves. Having spare time working on Pearl, enjoying the outdoors and the luxury to do nothing is awesome…

More time spent working out efficiently, more time spent working on Pearl. WIN!

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  1. I have opposite view to the above, you should put your least favourite session first in the week, because that’s when you have most of the motivation. As your motivation dies down throughout the week, this will then be compensated by your favourite session, so that way you will make sure you won’t skip it!

    • Flop

      I find I get lazy towards the end of the week and things get in the way. And nothing beats starting the week off with a workout you look forward to! Everyone has different views though so whatever works for you is great 🙂

  2. Hello! I am a addicted to workouts. I would like to thank you for this great blog
    post. It will really maky my routines better. I have already signed up for
    your RSS feeds and would like to ask if you have and email list?

    Would enjoy reading news in my gmail! Thanks again!

    • Flop

      Hi mate glad you enjoyed the read. We should have an email listing functionality soon so keep checking back! Otherwise we will also have our Facebook page up by end of the month which will let you know when we have updates.


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