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WTAC 2013

WTAC 2013: The Wrap Up

Besides the F1 and the MotoGP, it’s quite rare to see Australia host an international motorsports event let alone make it popular. So when big names in the international tuning scene land on our shores to compete in the Yokohama Advan World Time Attack over two days, you know it’s a going to be good.

Starting off in 2008 in Oran Park and then progressing to Sydney Motorsport Park Eastern Creek in 2010, this event has become the one to look forward to every year if you’re into japanese motorsport or their diverse automotive scene.

For some it may not be as exciting as door to door racing since it is a battle solely against the clock instead of the finishing position, but watching these cars fly by on the track getting pushed to their absolute limits is still something to behold and experience trackside.

For the JDM car lovers, this may be the only time they see big tuner garages unleash their machines at a local track. RE Amemiya, Top Fuel, Scorch Racing, Espirit, Endless and Cyber are just some of the tuners and workshops who have competed at WTAC over the years. Whilst our JDM love will have us secretly cheering for the Japanese machines, there is no doubting the amazing talent and skills of the local Aussie cars who bring it to the overseas competitors every year… and this year was no different.

Even competitors from the U.K, Cyprus and New Caledonia decided to take part and see what we were made of.

And if time attack is too much over two days then the Tectaloy International Drift Championship, Turbosmart Flying 500, Classic cars display, stalls, show and shine and eye candy would have definitely kept you entertained.

For 2013, there were 4 time attack classes in total: Pro, Pro-am, Open and Clubsprint.

Royal Purple Pro Class

Professionally built cars and professional drivers equals scorching lap times and broken records, this is where time attack history is created. There was plenty of buzz about this class for 2013 after the domination of the Auger Torque/Nemo Evo last year.

Pro cars have the most freedom in regards to engine, drivetrain, chassis and exterior modifications. Advan A050 R Compound tyres are the control tyre.

Garrett Pro-Am Class

Pro class level cars but can only be driven by the owner (no “hired guns”). Advan A050 R Compound tyres are the control tyre.

V-Sport Open Class

The next step down from Pro class where chassis modifications are more limited. Still using Advan A050 R compound tyres.

In 2013 this was the largest class consisting of 35 competitors.

Just Car Insurance Clubsprint Class

The entry level class of WTAC, restrictions have them running Advan Neova AD08 R compound tyres and cars must be street registered.

Tectaloy International Drift Challenge

Instead of winding down as the sun set, the screech of tyres, smell of burning rubber and haze of smoke throughout the South circuit kept all senses on edge even after the days main events. Big names from NZ and Japan left their mark on the tarmac as they hunted for that top spot.

In the end, it was a dream battle between the two favourites Daigo Saito and Mad Mike… the former walking away victorious.

And here’s some miscellaneous eye candy 🙂

The 2013 World Time Attack Challenge is a great event, let’s hope that it keeps getting better every year with more events and more competitors from across the globe! One can be wishful that perhaps some more legendary Japanese cars and drivers will be in attendance next year?

Did you attend the 2013 WTAC? What were your favourite moments?

Special thanks goes out to trak-life’s trusty photographer Angus for the great shots because I’m a noob and all my attempts at panning turned out horrible.

WTAC 2013
Congrats to the 2013 WTAC Champion Tilton Interiors and all the other competitors! Bring it on for 2014!

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