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WTAC 2014 Scorch Racing S15

WTAC 2014: Time Attack Glory

Three days under the scorching Sydney sun didn’t do my skin any favours. If anything, it left me with a horrible shirt tan that will forever stain my summer image and probably take most of next year to even out (yep still there).

“Was it worth it though? Most definitely”

Bolting on another day from last year, the Yokohama Advan World Time Attack Challenge 2014 was now an epic 3 day event over the weekend. Time attack consumed the daytime schedule for the first two days whilst the drift events filled up the evening on the last two.

Utilising the same formula as previous years, there was plenty of vendor stands, trackside entertainment, show ‘n’ shine cars and eye candy to keep you occupied even when cars weren’t belting it around the track.

The introduction of the GTR class was new for 2014 which lured tuning big guns HKS and Top Secret to our shores. With Nob and Tarzan piloting the skylines respectively, the battle was well and truly on.

Top Secret R35 GTRHKS GTR R35Willall Racing R35 GTR

At the end there could only be one in the top spot and HKS reigned supremacy scraping through with just 0.8870 seconds ahead of it’s fierce rival. The car sounded as good as it looked, it was simply breathtaking hearing and watching it rocket around Sydney Motorsport Park.

WTAC 2014 GTR Podium
1st – Nob Taniguchi (HKS) 1:30.8380, 2nd – Tarzan Yamada (Top Secret) 1:31.7250, 3rd – Nick Streckeisen (Willall Racing) 1:36.7770

Defending their title as WTAC champion in the revered PRO class, the Tilton Interiors Evo was back in full force with a host of new improvements.

Tilton Interior EVO
Less weight, more powerful and more nimble; this Evo was eager to hold the #1 trophy again.

So was the rest of the field, especially Under Suzuki who was determined to make it to the podium this year with significant aero and power upgrades.

Scorch Racing S15
Under Suzuki was on a mission, even on warm up he beat his previous years record by 1.5 seconds!

The Nemo Auger 2012 winning team wasn’t present this year but no one missed them as other serious competitors like the MCA Suspension S13, Prepd Racing Lotus Exige, Insight S200, RE Amemiya RX7 and Top fuel S2000 brought their A game.

Top fuel S2000
Nob on the attack, significantly improving on his previous years time by 2 seconds.
RE Amemiya RX7
Orido at the helm of the RE Amemiya RX7 this year also improving 2 seconds on their previous time.
V8 Supercar driver Shane Van Gisbergen piloted the MCA S13 this time around narrowly missing out on 2nd place.
ARK Design R32
The ARK Design R32 GTR from the U.S, highly anticipated but was unable to clock in a competitive time due to a host of problems.

On the final laps of the day in shoot out, I can still remember that moment when the Scorch Racing S15 slotted into number one with it’s 1:24.8800 time.

S-chassis fans, Japanese supporters and Evo haters rejoiced everywhere. It was a done deal, Under Suzuki had secured time attack glory.

But trailing not so far behind the Silvia on the very same last lap of Pro class for 2014, the Tilton Interiors Evo screamed home with a 1:24.8412 putting it 0.0388 seconds in front of Under Suzuki’s machine.

It was an amazing moment, the air crackled with excitement and disbelief. Garth Walden really pulled something out of the hat last minute under pressure, proving again that they deserve to be on top.

WTAC 2014 Pro Class Podium
Maybe next year Under!

The Pro-AM class this year sported an absolute cracker with Mick Sigsworth’s PMQ Evo 8 clocking in with an amazing 1:25.2760 time. Not only did he obliterate the rest of the field, but this time would have also placed him 3rd in the top Pro class!

WTAC 2014 PMQ Evo
Improve five seconds over last year’s time? No problem!
WTAC 2014 Sutton S15
The beast that is the Sutton Bros S15. Second place again for 2014, surely the top spot is in reach?
WTAC 2014 Kyushu Danji R34
The Kyushu Danji R34 making it’s debut with a 3rd place finish. Loving the red TE37’s (they also had a Hyper blue set yum).
WTAC 2014 Mighty Mouse CRX
The “little” CRX that could, never ceases to amaze. Staying true to its N/A and FWD heritage just missing out on podium for 2014.
WTAC 2014 Dominator EVO
Dominator Evo proving the older CP9A Evo’s still have what it takes. Slotting in 5th place with a 1.32:7040.

Open class was the biggest WTAC competitive class again with 35+ entrants for 2014. Dean Lillie (driver of the BC Automotive R32 that won Open Class 2013) was busy this year at the helm of both Powertune Skylines securing a fairy tale win with both 1st and 2nd place.

WTAC 2014 Powertune R34
Moving up six spots from last year to claim Open Class victory with a damn quick 1:30.4310.
WTAC 2014 Powertune R32
The older Powertune R32 twin clocking in an almost identical time, 1:30.9860. Loving the livery!
WTAC 2014 RTR Evo X
The RTR Evo X with another podium finish this year with an improved 1.31:3938 time.

In the Evo I mean Clubsprint class for 2014, the returning Royal Purple/IS Motoring Evo secured its first win!

WTAC 2014 royal Purple Evo

WTAC 2014 Chequered tuning R33
You don’t need to be a GT-R to be quick! John Richardson’s GTS-t is definitely no boat.


The haze of smoke and littered scraps of rubber once again outlined the South Circuit of Sydney Motorsport Park for 2014. Formula D was back down under and had drift superstar Fredric Aasbo in tow this time around with his mental RSR FT-86. It looked like an uphill battle for the Aussies with the likes of Aasbo, Mad Mike & Orido battling for supremacy. But with any form of Motorsport, surprises can always turn the tides of battle.

Formula Drift WTAC 2014
Formula Drift WTAC 2014

Formula Drift WTAC 2014
First round of the final 16 was a teammate battle: Orido vs Aasbo

Formula Drift WTAC 2014
Formula Drift WTAC 2014
Formula Drift WTAC 2014
Formula Drift WTAC 2014
Formula Drift WTAC 2014

Formula Drift WTAC 2014
Clash of the titans: Beau Yates VS Mad Mike. The RX7 not making it through to see the podium this year.

Formula Drift WTAC 2014

Formula Drift WTAC 2014
The unfortunate moment when the RSR 86 went kaput.
Formula Drift WTAC 2014
The Final Two though it out: Levi Clarke ‘s Exedy Tapout S15 VS Driftkid Nick’s SS Ute
Formula Drift WTAC 2014
Where the tough decisions get made

Formula Drift WTAC 2014

The top three for 2014

Formula Drift WTAC 2014
1st: Levi Clark – 2nd: Nick Coulson – 3rd: Fredric Aasbo

Formula Drift WTAC 2014

If Time Attack or Formula Drift wasn’t enough already, there was plenty of other events and eye candy to keep you satisfied for another year.

WTAC 2014 WTAC 2014 WTAC 2014HKS GTR R35 WTAC 2014HKS GTR R35 WTAC 2014
WTAC 2014 WTAC 2014 WTAC 2014 WTAC 2014 WTAC 2014 WTAC 2014WTAC 2014 Mazda 767B

WTAC 2014 Mazda 767B
Man, beast and a 767B 😛

Miss WTAC 2014MissWTAC2WTAC 2014Miss WTAC 2014WTAC 2014WTAC 2014WTAC 2014Sutton Bros S15 WTAC 2014Sutton Bros S15 WTAC 2014PMQ Evo WTAC 2014Tilton Interiors Evo WTAC 2014Tilton Interiors Evo WTAC 2014WTAC 2014WTAC 2014WTAC 2014WTAC 2014WTAC 2014

And that’s a wrap! Hope you enjoyed reliving the 3 day experience. Let’s see what WTAC 2015 has in stall for us!

*All pictures produced by trak-life and the best that could be taken without a media pass.

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